The candidate of Zaragoza en Común to the City Council remarks the importance of the ethical and technical criteria over the economical offer in the public procurements and raises the creation of a Social Committee in the City Council in order to know the public resources exixting in Zaragoza first hand and the needs of the users and professionals of the Social Care Services.

Zaragoza, on April 2nd 2015.- Zaragoza en Común´s candidates add to the reivindications of the educators of the Centro de Orientación y Acogida (C.O.A), demanding to the Regional Government not to gamble with the well-being and rights of the minors they are responsible for.

Being a local candidature Zaragoza en Común will not have any executive option on the diverse procurements affecting the Minors Care and Protection System and juvenil reform. However, the candidate to the City Council Pedro Santiesteve “fully shares the reivindications of Educadores en Lucha” and “admires the defence of the minors and those who protect them´s rights they are doing placing it in front of their personal and professional interests”.

From Zaragoza en Común we understand that the proposals Educadores en Lucha is launching cannot be brought down to the minors protection area, but can perfectly become the administrative contracting general criteria.

With this intention, Santisteve suggested to add to the local programme (still under emendation process) proposals like including ethical and technical criteria over the economical offer “so as to guarantee the qualty of service and so as not to auction the rights of this service users”.

In addition to this considers promoting “the civic control of the Social Services creating a Social Committee composed by city councillors belonging to all the political parties represented in the Town Council in order to visit all the social resources existing in our city to know the  interests and reivindications of the users and professionals first hand”. He also proposes ” to create a protocol where the Union representatives in the privatized centers can have access to the drafts of the solicitation documents and can put forward initiatives”. From Zaragoza en Común we maintain that social clauses not putting in risk our job positions and the labour conditions of the people who are already working in privatized resources must be included in any new municipal public procurement.

Finally, Santisteve recognized the support and commitment shown towards Educadores en lucha from several political parties of the region included in the project Zaragoza en Común. In this direction has pointed the relevance “of creating a new break majority needed at the Gobierno de Aragón, firmly commiting  for a public announcement of a new public procurement of educational management for the C.O.A. which conditions does not put in risk niether the fullfilment of the  Law of Infancy and Adolescence in Aragón nor the institutional work the C.O.A. is doing. “A new public procurement looking after the minor´s care and protection and to guard the labour conditions of the workers providing this service” Santisteve concludes.

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