This evening the candidates Luisa Broto, Pablo Muñoz and Teresa Artigas will expose the participation processes opened in Zaragoza en Común to the neighbors of the district. In addition to this proposals for San José and the city will be collected.

Zaragoza, on April 07th 2015.- The candidates of Zaragoza en Común Luisa Broto and Pablo Muñoz will attend this evening to the II Forum San José convened at 19:30 in the CC Teodoro Punter to know the desires and petitions of the district to this municipal candidature.

This way Zaragoza en Común keeps doing its labour of giving voice to the neighborhoods. The objective of this public acts is to introduce Zaragoza en Común´s project, a project for a city. In this respect the attendants will be informed about the paticiative methodology, the collaborative program and the documents of the ethic code. Zaragoza en Común invites to all the neighbors of the district to join this act and know the candidature and to do contributions and express their concerns.

Apart from the Distric Forums, Zaragoza en Común operates with other organizative tools as the Sectorial Forums where the cityzenry makes its contributions to the electoral programme gathering the topics in subjects as social services, urban development, culture.. There is a first draft of this programme which is in now under emendation process.

One of the commitments expresed in the Ganemos Zaragoza Appeal is to take our affairs management back through an honest, clear and responsible performance, working first in the closest areas of concern: our city, our neighbourhoods, our City Council. There is only one path to make this initaiative successful, there is only one requirement to WIN ZARAGOZA: People in the streets must take the decissions.

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