Pilar Imaz and Raúl Burillo also opined on the petition of cession of the municipal stadium of La Roamareda to the City Council for 75 years, considering that “the debate is being kidnapped from the citizenry”. It is agreed the need of doing improvements but is highlighted as well ” that it is an urbanistic debate, not a sports one”.

Zaragoza, April 15th 2015.- “Place ethics in the spot of politics”. This has been one of the commitments launched today in a press conference of the candidates of Zaragoza en Común Raúl Burillo and Pilar Imaz. Both introduced the proposals of the candidature on transparency and citizen control of the public expenditure for the City Council of Zaragoza. “We offer a valuable medecin against the blot of corruption: our Ethic Code” pointed out Pilar Imaz.

“We are nor supported by any economical stablishment” emphasizes Imaz “our “godfathers” are not going to be the elites nor people with moral doubtful legitimity”. “We are free and independent when taking decissions in the City Council, we are not going to owe anything to any finantial institution, cero bank loans, our endorsement will be the people´s votes and our government action will be dedicated towards them”. Our Godfathers and Godmothers will be the people of Zaragoza that will be proposing and evaluating our job minute after minute”.

In towards this, Burillo highlighted the measures to improve the transparency of the City Council proposed by Zaragoza en Común. In addition to the creation of a comprehensive plan of citizen participation, the competencies of the Consejo de la Ciudad will be reviewed and the sectorial organs  of participation will be empowered. In the other hand he commited to involve the citizenry in the next budgetary debate to be held in 2016. Burillo emphasized that measures like this and to keep working towards Open Data policies are crucial, “but knowing how to explain and transmit this data to the people are even more important”. In regards to this he announced permanent internal audits and the communication of this information to the citizen observatories as well as to control and fiscalization public organs.

Raul Burillo also announced two pillars of action that Zaragoza en Común proposes: an independent funding system (with social incomes and expenses) and an efficient administration. “In a crsis environment it is fundamental to adapt the tax system to the economical capability of each citizen – Burillo pointed out – where taxes must be progressive and fair”. Nowadays there is a lot of electoral demagoguery in some parties when they announce that taxes will be cutted and expenditures increased, but this is a lie”, he regreted, reminding that Zaragoza has a disproportionated debt and too many public resources are wasted to fund it.

Burillo talked about some local taxes not adapted to the real cost of the service and used the towing service as an example: “the citizen cannot pay for a bad negotiation with the contractors” he said. He also claimed a sufficent fund for the services given, appealing for a Capitality Law with real economic meaning for the city of Zaragoza.

In the same way, exposed measures for efficiency, highlighting the need of doing a “more simple organizative structure, studying the profit of certain patronages and offices, limiting the privatizations due to the fact that we have many and very efficient civil servants”. Other of the compromises expresed by both candidates is “to end with the megalomanies”.

A Romareda adapted to the real needs of the city and the club

About the petition of cession of the municipal stadium of La Romareda to the City Council for 75 years, considers that “the debate is being kidnapped from the citizenry”. Burillo declares himself as a lifelong Zaragoza supporter, claiming that “it is an urbanistic project, not a sports project”.

From Zaragoza en Común we make an appeal so as not to make an electoralistic debate out of this matter, because this is a local affair, compromising public facilities for a long term (75 years) and we demand a Romareda adapted to the real needs of the city and the club.

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