Culture is an essential tool for the developement of the city and the creation of a new urban model, linked to the employment, the social interest and the usage of the public spaces and as a sign of human identity, and it has to be managed from a participation, democracy and transparency principles. Participating means diagnosing, proposing, choosing and managing.

We have been working since November with a big representation of the cultural sector of the city in the collaborative program which is a program done with everyone’s contribution from the beginning, not a base program agreed after its developement.

The same way we are now working together in government measures after passing the guidelines proposed by the Culture Working Group in our last assembly.

Twelve – odd measures:

  1. A Cultural Contract transcending mandates, parties and changes in the local government, involving all the society (cultural and no-cultural enterprises, media, social entities, artists, neighbor associations and institutions operating in the city, not only the City Council) generating a Cultural Plan for a Decade (2017-2027).
  2. The creation of a single corporation 100% public for the cultural management gathering all the staff of the already existing, where their labour rights will be respected and replacing the six entities working now.
  3. Composing of a government organ with the representatives of this area, democratically elected and auditing the budget, plans, programs, value in time of the project, the criteria (non existing today) of public aid and the fulfillment of the Cultural Plan.
  4. A Code of Best Practice and Political and Tecnical Responsabilty.
  5. A Plan of Promotion of reading and the Book including a Libraries Plan, increasing the number and quality of the spaces, services, opening times and operation.
  6. A Cultural Immersion Plan for the childhood.
  7. An Strategy of International Cultural Cooperation. (focused in the EU and Latin America).
  8. An On-going evaluation of the results and the social impact of the culture, the activities, the projects and programs of the mucipal intervention allowing re-directing and increasing them.
  9. Labour dignifying of the professionals.
  10. Catalogation and use of the Cultural Heritage, with urgency for those in risk trough the declaration of Property of Cultural Interest. Also usage of this Heritage.
  11. Measures for the recognition and usage of Aragones in the city (7.184 inhabitants according to the census in 2011, representing a 28% of those in the territory)
  12. -odd A developement towards the free software or the copyleft in the cultural programations: the essential culture, the prioritization of the contracts with the local artists and designers, the universal access to the culture, (functional diversity, social exclusion, contains, geographical spaces and of the local creators and managers to the public resources). The programation decentralized in all the districts and coordinated all through the year, including a redirecting of the budget.

The Cultural Contract and the Plan for a Decade will conform an Emergency Plan, one of the first measures of the mandate of Zaragoza en Común.

There are already several work groups with hundreds of people creating specific government measures on this programatic frame on Theatre, Dance, Heritage, Plastic Arts, Aragones, Cinema and Audiovisuals, Music and Libraries.

This rises from a Diagnosys of what is happening nowadays, and what is the confusion between Plan and Programmation, improvising and favouritism, the obsesion for the macro-events, including hughe containers lack of content, the lack of coordination derivated of the lack of planning and the abundance of managing entities, the lack of transparency in the management, the budget and the aid and subsidies. The lack of coordination and denial between the institutions making culture in Zaragoza not being the City Council.

(Article extracted from Fernando Rivarés Blog )


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