F.A.Q about Ganemos Zaragoza

We have summarized some questions and answers useful as a guide to know who we are, what do we want and how we are going to make it.

Counting on the participation of all the citizenry of Zaragoza is critical for this new democratic confluence process to achieve its goals. We do not have all the answers nor solutions to the problems that affect us all, however, we believe we can solve them if we fight together. We are aware of the fact that the path we are starting is not going to be easy, but it is the only way to go forward looking for the common benefit. This document is open to any kind of question that we will try to answer among all.



Who are we and how arises Ganemos Zaragoza?

We are people like you, hit by the economical crisis and who suffer the consequences of the cuts in social rights and the precariousness. We believe in the unity, the confluence and the citizen collaboration as the best ways to flip this situation. Some of those we are currently working in this initiative we have been participating for years in several areas of the social movement, participating processes and social demands, some others we are starting now. We are neighbors of Zaragoza that we have came together to build  a new model of city because the real requests the citizenry is doing are nowadays blocked by the two-party system, the corruption and the lack of democracy. Our motivation is, counting on the biggest amount of people possible, to launch a municipal project where the common well-being will reign over the economical benefit of a few.

How do we organize?

We are structured in a democratic, horizontal and open scheme. During these first months, occurring simultaneously with the kick off of the project, we are performing as work groups opened to public participation (communication, methodology and sub-groups with specific tasks), coordinated by periodic meetings. In a second phase that starts now, we want to open participation and deliberation spaces about relevant matters in our city and about those questions concerning the different districts and municipal areas. The base of this citizen project is in the first place democratic and participative, reason why we invite all the neighbors of Zaragoza to biuld all together the city we want.



How and why gathering?

We want to build a new model of city, but we will not do it from scratch. Ganemos Zaragoza is doing the path walked by the neighbor, local and citizen movements that have been for decades claiming for the right to have a worthy, inhabitable and more egalitarian city. We know that our city is plenty of associations, initiatives and neighbor movements that build everyday Zaragoza. When we do an appeal to come together and look for shared objectives, we do not do it denying the diversity of points of view, but calling to a cooperation based on a shared benefit.

We want to gather to say enough and stop the sacking, the precariousness and the poverty generated by a management model of the city that has prioritized for too long the benefits of a few over the interest of the majority. We want also to gather so the public policies have the well fair of the citizens as motivation and the neighbors of Zaragoza can decide what they want.

The only thing we need to gather is to take the floor and search what puts all of us together, so we can acquire democratic practices  and shared proposals from the bottom up, from the districts and squares to the institutions ad not the other way around.

Ganemos Zaragoza is a political party? An electoral platform? A political coalition? A movement?

Ganemos Zaragoza is not a political party, an acronym or an agreement among organizations. It is a citizen initiative that wants to gather starting from democratic practices and shared objectives, always counting with the participation of both individuals and social, neighbor, cultural and political actors in our city. We want the politics to jump from the offices to the street so the people can can decide directly on issues and concerns affecting them. This challenge requires the creation of new spaces of organization and social participation to take part politically through innovating ways. Ganemos Zaragoza is then an invitation to confluence among political social, neighbor and union organizations, but first of all among people sharing the shared will to transform Zaragoza and make it and its institutions more democratic. Only through a real citizen leadership a worthy  and democratic Zaragoza can be achieved.



What is in our program?

Those participating this initiative we share certainties, proposals and a shared challenge. We are sure that the current model of management for our city only helped to make rich a few people and to condemn to the majority of the citizens of Zaragoza to a precarious life. We count on proposals to change this reality and to make Zaragoza a city worthy to live where a decent life is guaranteed to all the people. However, our challenge is because the citizenry itself has to decide in a democratic way the model of city and the proposals that want to implement.

In regards to this we want to open spaces for deliberation and participation where neighbors can elaborate collectively the future program of Ganemos Zaragoza.

How can I participate and send my proposals?

There are several ways we encourage you to participate through, collaborate or tie up with the initiative Ganemos Zaragoza:

  • Signing the Appeal Ganemos Zaragoza (http://ganemoszaragoza.com/llamamiento/) and inviting others to do it.
  • Participating in the different work teams : communication, methodology, legal services, financial, district groups, on-line participation, social media…
  • Joining the meetings, assemblies and workshops we will be announcing in our website and social media shortly.
  • Helping us to spread materials and information we will publish trough the social media.
  • Arranging a meeting, chat or forum in your association, collective, studies center, workplace or neighbor to inform about the initiative Ganemos Zaragoza and we can share ideas  doubts and proposals for our city. Write us to [email protected].
  • Sending us news, complains, activities or ideas you want to share linked to the city of Zaragoza (please send an e-mail to [email protected]).
  • Making economical contributions to the bank account of the Asociación Ganemos Zaragoza in Bantierra: ES52 3191 0005 5756 0122 7324


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